Lex Thomas
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My Family are Other Animals, after Ramsay and Beach, 2010.   Mr and Mrs Andrews Remixed and Reloaded, after Gainsborough, 2010.   To Have and to Hold, or
St. Christopher and the Dragon, after Hayman, 2009.
Killer Bite, after Zoffany, 2009.   Paradise Lost,
after Dance-Holland, 2009.
  The Stymphalians, after Hayman, 2009.
Fruits of our Labours, or Garuda Expounds on the Origins of the Universe to Fledermaus and Yird Swine, after Smith, 2009.   Trance Mission, after Gainsborough, 2009.   The Piguana Hunter, 2009.
Second Life, after Hayman, 2008.   Free Range, 2008.   The Future is History, after Gainsborough, 2008.
Plampin’s Progress, after Gainsborough, 2008.   Myth Making, 2009.   Pest Control, 2008.
Minotaur, 2008.   Unstabled, 2008.   Deep Blue, 2008.
© Lex Thomas